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There’s something about this photoshoot that makes me feel like I’m in 1930′s New York & I absolutely loved every moment I spent with Jess & T. Besides the fact that no human can find fault in the perfection that is Jess & T, I loved how everything came together so beautifully during our photo session; the attire, the broody weather & the unquestionable love that was present throughout it all. Jess & T’s engagement has a very special spot in my photographer’s heart.


Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned, & sometimes weddings don’t either. Matt & Jess had booked in a beautiful open stone chapel surrounded by rolling, lush hills & had organised a gorgeous country-themed outdoor reception furnished with haystacks & vintage goodness. We visited all the locations, organised all the different spots we wanted to take photos in & hoped for good weather. But as much as QLD is the ‘Sunshine State’, it is also the state of floods & torrential, unexpected rain; all of a sudden the stone chapel was flooded, the roads blocked, no sunshine & definitely no outdoor country themed reception. Our plans were in vain… & yet, the best part is, that even though we didn’t get a country, rolling lush hills & stone chapel wedding, with God’s divine intervention, he provided Matt & Jess with another chapel that somehow was still available, & we got ourselves a chic rock’n'roll, 1950s, Coca-Cola lovin’, gumboots & umbrella’s in the rain wedding instead & collected memories we didn’t plan, but that we adore whole-heartedly!

I wanted to especially thank my amazing husband for being a massive help on this day – he bore the wet weather, stood in the rain for me & covered me & my cameras with umbrellas for hours on end. He’s pretty amazing :) Mostly though, this day couldn’t have turned out so beautifully without God, I have no words to describe how little control we had over the circumstances of this day, & how much God played a part in putting it all together again for us.


There’s something about Adelaide that I can’t quite put my finger on, but every time I photograph there, I am always pleasantly surprised. I love all the hidden, unpopulated & beautiful locations it has to offer & in a city that doesn’t boast, I find it’s given me some of my most beautiful & out-of-the-ordinary photos. I love everything about Damaris & Dragos’ wedding, the colours, the light, the backstreets, the sea-side & all the beautiful people I had the joy & honour of spending a day like this with!

P.S. And photo credit for the bridesmaids shoe shot composition goes to the lovely Cristina ;)


When Pastor Jo asked me if I was interested in doing a photoshoot for our amazing iSEE Church Favour Conference, I immediately felt that it would be a great way for me to give back to God in part for all that He’s already done to bless me. This photoshoot was 100% inspired by God & for God. It journey’s through the dreams, desires & destiny instilled within each of us since before we even had a real awareness of the world around us. Thanks to all the mum’s who brought over their beautiful daughters for the shoot, & to Courtney, Gabrielle, Gabrielle’s sister & Josh for all your efforts & help. Also, check out Josh’s video footage of the day here.


I loved Lavinia & Emanuel’s wedding! There was so much creativity, inspiration, personal touches, meaningful moments, unpredictable weather (that never bothered us), family support, fun, spontaneity, laughter, interesting smells (the bridal party will be with me on this one), love & best of all, God, who answered our request for overcast weather, who was in every crevice & crack of the day and who Lavinia & Emanuel made the foundation to their wonderful beginning. This is why I loved Lavinia & Emanuel’s wedding & as for everything else, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

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