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There are two things about Manuela & Cristian’s wedding that stand out in my memory; music & laughter, & I dare say, music & laughter will continue to resonate throughout their entire marriage. However, there is one particular detail about their wedding day that stood out to me above all else; unity – the ability to bring people together & to show an unreserved, not-to-be-held-back love for anyone in their midst. Manuela & Cristian have such depth of personality, such beautiful character, such humbleness, boldness, patience & so much perseverance that upon meeting them, you cannot but be struck by the feeling that you just know these two together are destined for great things! The best part about realising that though, is to also know that they aren’t living for themselves… “Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering…” Romans 12:1

Manuela & Cristian’s wedding was captured on video by the awesome Engaging Moments Productions, click here to see their wedding video.


There are times in your life, where you simply need to take a leap of faith. Rachel & Sam, having met overseas & having planned their wedding together from two separate locations had the normal obstacles of distance to deal with. However, a fortnight before the wedding, they were confronted by the fact that Sam’s paperwork still wasn’t approved to allow him entrance into Australia & weren’t even sure if all their hard work would finally pay off. Rachel & Sam however, full-heartedly believed that this wedding was meant to go ahead & decided to trust God even till the last moment. Within just 5 days before the wedding, Sam finally arrived & there was no doubt of the strength & happiness this already added to their life together. As it happens, sometimes your wedding photographer needs to take a leap off faith too… The day before Rachel & Sam’s wedding I had arrived in Melbourne but what was meant to be a day of preparation for their wedding, turned out to be one in which I had the early onset of a virus where I couldn’t keep any food down, & all efforts to stay hydrated were in vain. I had a night-long fever, uncontrollable shaking from severe dehydration & with no rest in sight. So many ‘what ifs’…’ passed through my mind in what seemed like one incredibly dark, anxiety-filled night. But morning came at last & it brought with it my amazing husband who bought last-minute tickets to come to Melbourne & support me through the two weddings I needed to do. This wedding & the one that followed, were two days where I cannot claim the credit of a job well done – it was entirely in God’s strength; through His eyes, in His hands, with His guidance that these memories were captured for this beautiful couple.

To see Rachel & Samuel’s wedding video, please click here to view EDVideography’s beautiful work.


This wedding has a lot of sentimental value to me as I’ve known Cassandra almost all my life – this spirited, amazing friend of mine made one beautiful bride & she could not have found a better personality to match hers than Jay. A day with Cass & Jay, I assure you, is never, ever boring – two people that always speak their minds, are honest & wear their hearts on their sleeves. Thank you Cass & Jay for giving me the honour of witnessing this beautiful & fun beginning!


I think all brides are beautiful, but there’s something about Lisa! She’s so endearing, delightful to be around & an absolute pleasure to photograph! She was genuinely excited from morning to evening & one of the happiest, most vibrant, sweet & beautiful inside-&-out people I’ve ever met! Radu, you’re definitely a very blessed man :]

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