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Melissa, a fellow Graphic Designer who I used to work with, told me back in 2009 after seeing my very first ‘official’ photoshoot, that she had already decided to have me as her wedding photographer, so when Mark came along to sweep her off her feet, I was fortunate enough to witness their life commitment to one another, & more-so honoured that I was able to document the whole thing! Mel & Mark definitely have a lifetime of laughter, fun & many hilarious & random moments to look forward to!


Our world is so blessed because of amazing couples like Sarah & Chris! Sarah, once a Sydney-sider, gave up her home & all her belongings to step up & make a change in Uganda, Africa, where she fortunately met the incredibly amazing Chris. These guys are out there making a difference & I’m so honoured to have witnessed the beginning of their impacting journey! Sarah & Chris, put simply, you guys rock!!


With the combination of an incredibly adorable bride & groom, lively guests & a beautiful city, this wedding was just exploding with happiness & laughter. My cheeks were hurting by the time I got home from how many smiles & laughs they got out of me!

M o r e   i n f o