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Mary, who shares half my name, is actually someone I grew up with & have known since the day she was born. Being a few years older than Mary, I was sometimes asked to be an older playmate for her & her younger siblings (& they were always up to no good!) & I have had the privilege of watching this beautiful girl turn into a beautiful woman & wife. Mary & Ruben are such a loving & affectionate couple, & even half a year into their marriage, I can see that there is no end to the respect & admiration that they will continue to have for one another throughout their marriage; they are blessed to be a blessing.


I love watching the sunrise – there’s always something beautiful about a new beginning, another day of life, of starting anew; & there was no better two people to watch & experience it with than the amazing Joemana & Michael, who are at the beginning of their lives together, starting something new for the very first time. Thanks Joemana & Michael, for letting me be part of that beginning.


There’s something quite eerie & mysteriously breathtaking about watching the sun rise over the ocean. Thanks to Andra & Adam’s wonderful idea, we set our alarms for an early 3:30am start, making our way down to the coast to admire the beautiful break of dawn & God’s amazing handiwork. It was well worth the lack of sleep!


The first time Kristie asked me to take photos of her beautiful family, was at the end of 2010 – I hadn’t had much experience with family portraiture at that point in time, but I gave it a shot & received some great feedback. As a result of Kristie’s encouragement, I decided to ‘officially’ offer family portraiture as of 2011 – now a year later, I’ve again had the amazing opportunity to photograph Kristie’s family, & I hope I’ve done justice to what an amazing love these guys share & what a gorgeous ray of sunshine little Amielle is in their lives!

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