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There’s something about this photoshoot that makes me feel like I’m in 1930′s New York & I absolutely loved every moment I spent with Jess & T. Besides the fact that no human can find fault in the perfection that is Jess & T, I loved how everything came together so beautifully during our photo session; the attire, the broody weather & the unquestionable love that was present throughout it all. Jess & T’s engagement has a very special spot in my photographer’s heart.


Sarah & Russell are a legitimately nice, down-to-earth & awesome couple who I had the pleasure of photographing during this engagement session. Every couple is so different in front of the camera & I love being able to capture the unique love that two people share & that no other couple can truly replicate.


I’m not so much of a morning person, but I do get excited about morning photo sessions; there’s nothing like that soft, glorious morning light. This engagement session was such a nice way to get to know Maddie & Rowan and we had a pretty awesome time exploring the Brisbane CBD together. Love my job!


Melbourne really has begun to feel like my second home & I always am so honoured & so blessed to have clients as wonderful as Anita & Adrian who love my work enough to fly me to another city! This wedding was gorgeous & unique with just as much unpredictable weather patterns as their were places to take photos in; every detail, every moment of this wedding was one-of-a-kind, an original, a masterpiece; a fair reflection of Anita & Adrian.

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