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Meeting little 3-week-old Jasmine Rose has definitely been one of the sweetest highlights of my 2012. With those gorgeous eyes & inquisitive look, I am certain she has run off with part of my heart! For a few hours, I loved feeling a part of this beautiful little family & capturing those moments that money certainly can’t buy & that only God can bless you with.

Most of the hair accessories & the gorgeous little red outfit are brought to you by the gifted woman behind Purple Polka Dots.


I am so entirely blessed to have the job that I do – blessed to see any two people united in marriage; family & friends coming together to celebrate one common cause & a new family being created. To see happiness, laughter & new beginnings – someones story, journey, love, prayers answered. I’m so blessed to travel, to find new places, to meet new people & then to show everyone everything I saw, how I saw it & how beautiful it was.

And I’m so blessed to know people like Cristina & Ovi; to see, hear, witness & know that they have committed every day of their lives to one another, to God & to their family, as one.

I also really wanted to thank the beautiful Alis, for helping me out on the day & being such a great reflector woman :)

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