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I am so entirely blessed to have the job that I do – blessed to see any two people united in marriage; family & friends coming together to celebrate one common cause & a new family being created. To see happiness, laughter & new beginnings – someones story, journey, love, prayers answered. I’m so blessed to travel, to find new places, to meet new people & then to show everyone everything I saw, how I saw it & how beautiful it was.

And I’m so blessed to know people like Cristina & Ovi; to see, hear, witness & know that they have committed every day of their lives to one another, to God & to their family, as one.

I also really wanted to thank the beautiful Alis, for helping me out on the day & being such a great reflector woman :)


I loved Lavinia & Emanuel’s wedding! There was so much creativity, inspiration, personal touches, meaningful moments, unpredictable weather (that never bothered us), family support, fun, spontaneity, laughter, interesting smells (the bridal party will be with me on this one), love & best of all, God, who answered our request for overcast weather, who was in every crevice & crack of the day and who Lavinia & Emanuel made the foundation to their wonderful beginning. This is why I loved Lavinia & Emanuel’s wedding & as for everything else, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

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