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The 27th of August, 2011, was one of the wettest days that I’ve ever had to shoot a wedding in. It rained unceasingly from morning till evening & whenever it seemed like it would end, it would suddenly rain harder yet. However, despite the rain, Daniela & Samuel were probably one of the happiest couples I’ve photographed yet – Daniela made a decision early in the day to not let the rain bother her, & as you can see – it didn’t – not one bit! We were also incredibly blessed that one of our photography locations was mostly sheltered, & so we were able to get some great shots with everyone without the rain hindering us too much. Daniela & Samuel, as well as being ridiculously good looking, your positive & optimistic selves both have my full admiration!


Words cannot describe how beautiful it was to be a part of this particular wedding… Ana, my incredibly gorgeous friend, was most definitely the blushing bride, and Sergiu couldn’t keep his eyes of her (I don’t blame him!) Thanks Ana & Sergiu for letting us be a part of something so special!

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