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There’s something about Adelaide that I can’t quite put my finger on, but every time I photograph there, I am always pleasantly surprised. I love all the hidden, unpopulated & beautiful locations it has to offer & in a city that doesn’t boast, I find it’s given me some of my most beautiful & out-of-the-ordinary photos. I love everything about Damaris & Dragos’ wedding, the colours, the light, the backstreets, the sea-side & all the beautiful people I had the joy & honour of spending a day like this with!

P.S. And photo credit for the bridesmaids shoe shot composition goes to the lovely Cristina ;)


I loved Lavinia & Emanuel’s wedding! There was so much creativity, inspiration, personal touches, meaningful moments, unpredictable weather (that never bothered us), family support, fun, spontaneity, laughter, interesting smells (the bridal party will be with me on this one), love & best of all, God, who answered our request for overcast weather, who was in every crevice & crack of the day and who Lavinia & Emanuel made the foundation to their wonderful beginning. This is why I loved Lavinia & Emanuel’s wedding & as for everything else, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.


What I love about Cristina & Jared is that they are two completely different personalities from two different cultures that have come together so beautifully; Cristina has so much passion for life & Jared brings a lightheartedness to every situation – I’ve loved being a part of Cristina & Jared’s journey towards marriage & am so honoured to have witnessed this beginning. Cristina & Jared’s wedding video was captured by the awesome Dave from Video My Wedding, check out his video of Cristina & Jared here & if you’d like to check out Cristina & Jared’s engagement session with me last year, please click here.


I was so excited when Cristina contacted me for an urban portrait session – she had some amazing ideas & I loved that she new exactly what she wanted! Though I’d never done anything like it before, I took a much needed day trip to Southbank the day before the shoot to put on my ‘post-modern’ creative glasses & that with Cristina’s gorgeous, photogenic & creative self as well as bribing Jared with a little chocolate, we got this pretty awesome outcome!

This photoshoot was also featured on Polka Dot Bride, click here to view on their blog.

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